Don’t Fall for the Thirst Trap!!!

In todays day and age of society “selfies” rule the world of imagery, what’s a selfie you ask? Well unless you’ve been living under a Rock or inside of a cave for the past 10 years or so since cellphones became equipped with cameras.

camera phone Then you should know that a “selfie” involves a picture taken by one individual featuring that individual as well as how ever many other people may be present with that individual at the moment hint the term “Selfie”

selfie 3selfie 2 selfie 4 selfie 5

Now what’s a thirst trap you ask? A thirst trap if define properly is a sexy selfie taken by a individual male or female with the intention and hope of gaining Like and comments from various social media sites such as  Twitter, Facebook, instagram just to name a few.

insta gram likes facebook-like-button

twitter-retweet-icon These type of pictures below are what would be considered a “thirst trap” by media social standards.

sexy-selfies-33 sexy1 Screen-Shot-2013-11-11-at-2.54.52-PM


In today’s Society of popularity and relevance, it isn’t only average folks whom take part in this  “Thirst trap” with hopes of gaining Like, Comments and Retweets, Celebrities (many in hopes oa staying relevant to their devoted fans) are also getting into the act, here are a few of the repeated offenders

kim k Nicki





“Selfies” “Thirst Traps” its all a way for people no matter what race, age, or nationality to beg for attention via social media sites. With “Thirst Traps” being set up with the purpose and intent for people to lust over practically naked pictures of other people with high hopes of future hook ups down the line only to have those high hopes dashed and shot down in reality, with the following word play and terms being used “You are such a feen!” “I’m filing a restraining order against you!” “you are such ah thirst bucket!”.  However what people whom partake in this  “Thirst trap” don’t realize and this goes for celebrities as well, Your setting up this thirst trap with the intention to become a Media Whore!

Reader i give you this advice and its up to you to take it if you would like to


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The Price of the Product has gone up! The F@ckary of Todays Inflation


I hate to begin a post with the following terms “Remember when” “Back in the Days” and my least Favorite “a long time ago”, for some reason those terms really make me feel old and also gives you the reader the impression that your old as well.

With that said some time last week i was on my way to work and just as i always do before i get to the job i stopped at the news stand to fetch my New York Daily News paper, only this time something was different. I grabbed my 75 cents out of my pocket and placed it on the counter and a grabbed a news paper only to have Abu the News stand man shout over the blaring music coming from my head phones “the paper is $1.25”

-my-face-when-i-read-the-first-question-of-a-test_20120614014509 This was exactly the look on my face when once i fully comprehended what he said and “the F@ck?!” is exactly what is said as I put the paper back down and grabbed my 75 cents off the counter before I continued my journey to work.

Its the year 2014 and living in New York City is far from the cheap experiences that we once faced in the 80’s and 90’s and in some cases for some readers the 70’s. Fact is since the tragic event of september 11 2001 nothing in The State as swell as the city of New York was ever the same.

The price of everything and I do mean everything reader has gone up, we went from using Tokens of $1.25

Token to the Metro card System

07metrocard1large That begin to reck havoc on some of our lives as well a bank accounts with the rise of the fairs we see the rise of everything else in the big apple.

From my personal experince I think really begin to notice how far this inflation f@ckary has come along over the years when going to the store for simple stacks started to become a challenge

seeds I used to love eating a pack of sunflowers seeds, infact I’ve been buying a pack of sunflower seeds since junior high school when they were 10 cents (that right i said 10 damn cents) and then over the years they went from 10 cents to 25 cents and now 30 cents.

peanut chews Peanut chews another one of my favorites that I used to buy during my days as a youth, i watched these things go from 5 cents to ten cents to 25 cents (i’m completely over it now).

candy And then there are the candy bars, all of them no matter the name, they all used to be 50 cents and then they went to 75 cents and now one whole dollar and thats if your lucky because in some locations depending on where you may be at a certain moment of time when your sweet tooth may strike your gonna come out of pocket a dollar and some change close to two whole dollars (i could not make this up and you know it reader!)

Here are some of our other favorites that have also fallen prey to this inflation f@ckary.

little-debbie ProductCategories_Cakes chips



corn beef


But the inflation doesn’t just stop there reader with our favorite junk food, if your a smoker then you reader are also well aware at the price hike of your favorite brands


And you know the person standing behind the counter wants that whole 12 or 13 dollars for that pack that you plan on purchasing. And just then you thought it could get any worse well it does

chinese Even our friday, Saturday and in some cases middle of the week friends hiked up they’re prices: Oh so you want 4 chicken wings chopped up with extra hot sauce? used to be $2.00 yeah right! this 2014 $3.50 and if you want that fried rice on the side $5.25 and they want that extra 25 cents for that extra duck sauce and soy sauce your demanding.

Oh so you want to go to the movies you say on a date?

AMC-Empire-25 Be prepared to dig deep. personally i haven’t been to the movie in a long time, in fact the last time i did go was some time in april and even then the cashier tried to charge me $20.00 thats right i said 20 dollars for one ticket and that was for a IMAX showing, now can you imagine reader how much it might cost if you took your whole family to see a movie inside of a IMAX theater?! for 20 whole bucks and more blood from the screen better jump on to my face!

And if by some chance you still have some kind of green paper left inside of your pockets or wallets  after going for broke purchasing those movie tickets, of course your only going break the bank once you hit the over priced concession stands

moviefaves-classics You’ve been warned.

With the recent price hikes our news papers

New York Daily NewsNY-Post

And I’m sure that there will be more to come more sooner than later, The big apple as we know it will no longer become liveable

nyc-dredge-main And soon us middle class and lower class people will be pushed out and replaced by rich people whom can afford to live in a society of inflation and high cost of living. With that said the f@ckary of inflation is real No matter where your living or what city you are residing in, sure we can lead a protests but that’s not going to get us anywhere but hurt feet and sore throats at the end of the day really, start a petition? yeah right! who has time for that non-sense?

In actual reality I really don’t think there is a solution for this problem…I think we as people of all races and nationality’s are stuck living a society of high priced and cost of living

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The Declassification of a Thot

This word “Thot” has been going strong now in todays age of social media and society for close to two years now, and for some reason there are some people whom still don’t know what a Thot is.

In Fact I blogged about this sensation last year and so I thought that i would return to this topic again for it seems to keep gaining traction.

As we all know a Thot is another word for “Hoe” and yet some women in today society refer to them self’s and in many cases they’re own friends as Thot’s

blankstare-CtA Yeah my reaction exactly when I hear them use the term, so what i decided to do as a writer and blogger was break down what possibly be associated with this word called “Thot” in todays society and you reader can either agree or disagree.

lf you see a female no matter what the age, race may be (Note this does not apply to all females i’m just making a point here) and she’s sporting a hair style that resembles these

buns top-knot-bun-hairstyle

singer-cassie-shaved-head-450kc032910   Chances are there may be some sort of “Thot” word associated with her. in todays society fashion is a constant changing  thing, fashions come in fashions go out and so its no surprise to see a female rocking the newest fashion trend. However if this female rocks this trend in all four seasons of the year and never wears anything else, chances are there might be some sort of a word association with this


Thats right leggings, if she’s sporting legging during all 4 seasons chances are she might be a thot, which brings me to my next fashion statement,


Thats right reader! The newest fashion statement for the summer are these old fashion daisey duke shorts and in many cases and rather your looking or trying not to look u might get a full glance of butt cheek cleavage.  Now I’m not implying this to all women, however i will say this if she’s wearing shorts this high with her ass cheeks showing on purpose she might be making a statement which may go with the word association for “Thot”.

Next we move on to piercings! and Once again i’m not implying this to all women, however if she has lip piercings in any of these two places chances are she might could be associating with the word  “Thot”.




Moving on here! Now what Thot would not be complete with out here own dance and yes we all know what that dance is, over any heavy beat base song that comes on no matter where they are at that very moment they just randomly bust out in to a twerk session.




And Finally! the word Thot can probably be associated with these drinks depending on whom you ask.

taste test



And just when you thought you could escape this whole  “Thot” non-sense social media from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook just will not allow that happen





In conclusion I did not write this blog post to offend any female of any race or age, but to simply make a point of the society that we live in, like i said at the beginning of this post you can either agree or disagree

That my Post! Time for me to do my dance out of here

jame brown

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Why does everybody wanna be ah Rapper tho ??????????????

What is this world coming to? gone are the days when young men and women dreamed of becoming successful doctors, lawyers, Teachers and even police officers. But then again this the year 2014 where the bar of complete F@ckary is raised to its all time high!

Welcome Back Reader! its time to get into the newest blog post from yours truly. Remember when you were a kid and you would watch music videos on TV of your favorite Rapper or singer and you said to your self “I wanna be ah rapper” or “i could sing better than that!” however once you grew up you realized those dreams were just dreams right?  Yeah well some people never stopped dreaming.

In a World where society judges a person by looks rather than talent, where Fake is in and real is out and where social media makes some people feel more important to the world than they really are. These days everybody has some kind of dream of being a “Rapper”

Image Thats right Reader! gone are the days when people (and I do mean people because this isn’t just for kids anymore) strived hard to get a job a good and live a decent life, replaced are the days of trying to make it big into the music business. Some people don’t regular 9-5 jobs anymore they want, what they assume is the Life and images that are displayed in front of them from TV, music, movies to social media









They want that drake “Started from the Bottom now we here!” life story.


Rather they have talent or not they want to be able to use machines to count money like this

ImageAs well as drink out of gold bottles and drive fancy cars and wear expensive jewelry that’s the cost of some college kids tuition.

Image  Is what these “I wanna be ah Rapper” people strive to be able to say one day.

The Notorious B.I.G said it best in the 90’s Either you slinging crack or rock or you got ah wicked jump shot ( lets face it not every one can be the next Lebron James) So there for people strive to be the next…







And thats just to name a few, and if this “I’m wanna be ah rapper” person is in they’re 30’s trying to start a rap career they can always be this next guy.Image

In Conclusion reader, if any of this that i stated in this post makes sense to you, then you can agree with the statement. The Society that we once grew up in that encouraged us to strive for the best and become successful in life has long gone out the window and has been replaced by what the masses as well as the media (Tv. Movies, music, Web) encourages us (well not all of us) to become.

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2014 The Resurrection of the singing groups?????

It started last year in November 2013 when the station VH1 premier the TLC Bio movie for the world to see


however thats not where this story actually begin. Believe it or not this story actually begins the year before 2012 when the 90’s group SWV dropped they’re newest as well as grammy nominated ( and most slept on by the media and todays radio) Album “I missed us”


Which in my opinion was a very good album to listen to (in fact its on rotation on my itunes today). When ever this story actually begins just know reader that as a avid music listener I am predicting that this is the years that the singing groups return to music!

Some of our Favorites from the past are already reunited and performing on tours as well as doing shows already.







While some are already on TV with Reality shows


And if your really interested! there’s been some buzz online lately about these guys hitting the studio again


Like I said reader and as the title of this post reads 2014 will be the year of the resurrection of the singing groups, here’s a few that are still AWOL that we as fans are hoping get back into the spot light and provide us with the good music that was sound track to some of our lives.









Well thats my 2nd post for the day Time for me to do my dance out of here


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Beyonce throws Fans in a Frenzy!

What started out as a normal cold ass well more like a Brick ass Day in New York, Suddenly turned into a a whirl wind of hysteria on all social media websites, when out of no where and unexpectedly The Artist Known as BeyonceImage

Yeah that Beyonce! pulled a hell of a magic trick on her die hard Bee-Hive fans (I am not a Bee-Hive Fan) by dropping a Surprise album that no one saw coming


Including numerous videos as well. it was like the hand of god made a appearance and everybody seen it, My Instagram Suddenly blew up with pictures like these





Unless your living under a Rock right now, your social media must be also be going crazy with these images


Although I must admit she looks like she was smoking some good weed in these pictures (calm down Bee-Hive I’m just joking) Seeing all of these images I tried to ignore until I came across this shot and read that it was a actual promo shot for the Surprise album


I’m not gonna go all Kevin hart and stuff but she might have won me over with this secret campaign just from this promo pic alone. As of this posting the album has sold 80,000 in one damn day! Rather you like her or not this lady is killing the game!