“Nomophobia” The Newest Disease…And we ALL have it!

I was in church recently getting my usual Sunday spiritual healing on, when the Pastor mentioned something during his sermon that caught my attention. He said and i quote “people today suffer from a disease that we can’t win a fight against and that disease is called Nomophobia”.

The Whole church was stunned as well as confused for 2.5 seconds until he ( the pastor) explained what Nomophobia is

Nomophobia- The Fear of being with out of Mobile Contact

Thats right! we are all suffering from the fear of not having a phone in our life

phone Some people will admit that yes this is true while some people will simply chalk it up to something that i’m certainly making up just to draw traffic to my post. if your one of those people whom don’t believe that this word is real “Google”it and you will see for your self that yes the word “Nomophobia” is a real word.

Ask your self this question reader, have you ever left your house for where ever you were going rather it was to; school, work, church, shopping etc.. and you managed to get half way to your destination and then it suddenly hit you

kevin-hart-disses-ex-torrei” I know I didn’t forget my Damn Cellphone in the house?!” or maybe you have found your self in this situation, your at a social gathering and your having a good time and the Suddenly you realize that your phone isn’t where you think or thought it is or was (pocket, hand, bag etc..”

Phone-Lost-Realization-Meme  lost-my-phone-where-is-my-phone peter

Its the year 2014 and owning a cellphone is just as important as owning a State I.D card, with out it your nothing! and no body! It is also this same form of technology that rather people realize it or not is destroying  the lines of communication as well as  basic living. Have you reader ever found your self going to the gym and after leaving a work bench you proceed to another work bench only to come across this scene?

Unknown  Phones at the Gym 02 This happens to me all the time, i’m just trying to work out and there are people whom can’t even get through a work out with out having to check social media (twitter, instagram, Facebook etc..) or hold full conversations and then have the nerve to say “yeah i got one more set” when you ask them are they done…Get off the set! i’m trying to work out here!

How about this situation reader, going out to a bar or a lounge for a what you hope a expect to be a good night out of drinking, dancing and mingling only to realize through out the night that something is really wrong here

© LIME PICTURES  04-08-14-jesse-mccartney-selfie-sub-3  Like i mentioned in one of past post ” we are living in a selfie society”  nobody goes to the club, lounges or bars to dance and get all sweaty and have a good time its about being cool and taking selfies with your friends and posting to social media. you know the situation is taken to the next level when after conversing with some one that you find attractive and instead of exchanging phone numbers they ask “are you on instagram?

-my-face-when-i-read-the-first-question-of-a-test_20120614014509 exactly mine and your reaction. Cellphones have even managed to destroy what was once basic writing language, which has no become known as text message language

txt  Text-Message-Ashford-University So why are we suffering from this disease called “nomophobia”? well its simple as this reader, with the creation of smart phones, life became easier (and we all know how we like things easier) instead of sitting in front of a computer checking emails, reading facebooks statues, searching for the hottest places to eat, shop or party. We can do it from our cellphones.

Best-Smartphones-GM-Apple-Samsung-HTC-Sony-GadgtMag-2013-2014-1-2-3-4-5-Tablets-iPhone-Galaxy-Tab-Xperia-Z2 With that said, no matter what age, race or even nationality  we are all suffering from “Nomophobia” a disease that there isn’t even a cure for, and lets be for real if there was a cure for it non of us (even my self) wouldn’t even seek treatment for, after all we all need a cellphone in our life’s right????

Thats my Post! time for me to do my dance out of here


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1 thought on ““Nomophobia” The Newest Disease…And we ALL have it!

  1. So totally true. Never thought bout it like that. May be society should see how long they can go without their phone and using social media then maybe our communication and mangling with other would improve a whole lot. We once did this before all these electronic devices were available.

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