Don’t Fall for the Thirst Trap!!!

In todays day and age of society “selfies” rule the world of imagery, what’s a selfie you ask? Well unless you’ve been living under a Rock or inside of a cave for the past 10 years or so since cellphones became equipped with cameras.

camera phone Then you should know that a “selfie” involves a picture taken by one individual featuring that individual as well as how ever many other people may be present with that individual at the moment hint the term “Selfie”

selfie 3selfie 2 selfie 4 selfie 5

Now what’s a thirst trap you ask? A thirst trap if define properly is a sexy selfie taken by a individual male or female with the intention and hope of gaining Like and comments from various social media sites such as  Twitter, Facebook, instagram just to name a few.

insta gram likes facebook-like-button

twitter-retweet-icon These type of pictures below are what would be considered a “thirst trap” by media social standards.

sexy-selfies-33 sexy1 Screen-Shot-2013-11-11-at-2.54.52-PM


In today’s Society of popularity and relevance, it isn’t only average folks whom take part in this  “Thirst trap” with hopes of gaining Like, Comments and Retweets, Celebrities (many in hopes oa staying relevant to their devoted fans) are also getting into the act, here are a few of the repeated offenders

kim k Nicki





“Selfies” “Thirst Traps” its all a way for people no matter what race, age, or nationality to beg for attention via social media sites. With “Thirst Traps” being set up with the purpose and intent for people to lust over practically naked pictures of other people with high hopes of future hook ups down the line only to have those high hopes dashed and shot down in reality, with the following word play and terms being used “You are such a feen!” “I’m filing a restraining order against you!” “you are such ah thirst bucket!”.  However what people whom partake in this  “Thirst trap” don’t realize and this goes for celebrities as well, Your setting up this thirst trap with the intention to become a Media Whore!

Reader i give you this advice and its up to you to take it if you would like to


With that said Thats my Post! time for me to do my dance out of here


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