All I want to do is Ride home in peace! Is that too much to ask for?!

Every day around the same time (6pm to be exact) I clock out of work and proceed to do my happy dance out of the front door after what always (no matter what day of the week it may be) seems to be a long 8 hours of work.  I throw on my Master blasters aka my head phones and turn the volume up on my I-Pod to Straight Ignorant level aka “Ignore everybody” and I proceed to get into my own groove.

I board the crowded “everybody just got out of work” train

Crowds Where I’m usually lucky enough to grab a seat as soon as the doors open (Now you and I reader both know how that scramble of trying to grab as seat on those NYC trains as soon as those doors open goes). With that said I sit and continue to jam out on my Master Blaster head phones

arnold However midway through my 30 min or so train ride home from work my groove is interrupted by the act of “Entertainment” that the NYC MTA unwillingly provides. If you reader live and work in the New York city area and take public transportation (the iron horse to be exact) then you know exactly what i am referring to when I use the term “Entertainment”. If you ride these following on a regular bases

a trainC train 3 train  4 train Then you reader have experienced the same groove disturbance un called for entertainment that I am speaking of.

First there are the homeless people whom decide to make the train car their own personal home as well as living space

homelessonthetrain And then you have the people whom may or may not actually be homeless giving some type of sob story with they’re cups out hoping to make a quick buck

Hands of Homeless Man with Change in Cup  until you realize looking at this individual, wait a minute! your not homeless, your sneakers are looking better then these work shoes that i have on my feet right now.



Next you have the teenagers whom are not and I would like to stress the word “NOT” selling candy for a basketball team but instead are selling candy to put some money in they’re pockets.

candykid Not as bad as the sleeping homeless guy, in fact i respect the hustle and depending on how long of a train ride home from work you have reader you may even find your self searching your pockets or wallets for a dollar for that quick sweet tooth rush.

candy candy2


If you ride the 4 train home from work then you know about these people

music1  And you also know that no matter how loud you try to turn your music up, the horns and guitars some how still and i repeat “STILL” manage to drown out your own music.

And then there are the break dancers whom no matter what time of the day or what car you try to avoid seeing them, there they are every time. Its usually 4 or 5 to a group, they board the train let us all know in  the car that we are about to see a show

kanye “Bruh, we already know we’re about to see a show” ( my face expression every time), they turn on they’re “Do the Right thing Radio Raheem” master blaster of a boom box

retro-boombox-iphone-dock where some loud distorted music begins to play and for the next few minutes until the train pull into the next station we are forced to watch these kids perform more trick than a gymnastics star


As well as perform dances straight out of the 80’s early 90’s




dancers  subway_breakdance_performers_cc_img  dance2  nyc-subway-breakdancing-showtime-arrested-2


And if your really lucky you might be treated to some matrix type of f%ckary during this whole dance routine.



After 8 hours of dealing with people’s shit, my supervisor shit as well as the usual shit that comes with the work day of the week. I’m tired! all i want to do is turn my music up loud have a seat and ride home in peace


Is that too much to ask for?! Really? is it?!

Thats my post! Time for me to do my dance out of here

JBdance again

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1 thought on “All I want to do is Ride home in peace! Is that too much to ask for?!

  1. Love it. Everything you wrote bout was so true it always happens. You could never have a peaceful ride home from a long day of work

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