The Declassification of a Thot

This word “Thot” has been going strong now in todays age of social media and society for close to two years now, and for some reason there are some people whom still don’t know what a Thot is.

In Fact I blogged about this sensation last year and so I thought that i would return to this topic again for it seems to keep gaining traction.

As we all know a Thot is another word for “Hoe” and yet some women in today society refer to them self’s and in many cases they’re own friends as Thot’s

blankstare-CtA Yeah my reaction exactly when I hear them use the term, so what i decided to do as a writer and blogger was break down what possibly be associated with this word called “Thot” in todays society and you reader can either agree or disagree.

lf you see a female no matter what the age, race may be (Note this does not apply to all females i’m just making a point here) and she’s sporting a hair style that resembles these

buns top-knot-bun-hairstyle

singer-cassie-shaved-head-450kc032910   Chances are there may be some sort of “Thot” word associated with her. in todays society fashion is a constant changing  thing, fashions come in fashions go out and so its no surprise to see a female rocking the newest fashion trend. However if this female rocks this trend in all four seasons of the year and never wears anything else, chances are there might be some sort of a word association with this


Thats right leggings, if she’s sporting legging during all 4 seasons chances are she might be a thot, which brings me to my next fashion statement,


Thats right reader! The newest fashion statement for the summer are these old fashion daisey duke shorts and in many cases and rather your looking or trying not to look u might get a full glance of butt cheek cleavage.  Now I’m not implying this to all women, however i will say this if she’s wearing shorts this high with her ass cheeks showing on purpose she might be making a statement which may go with the word association for “Thot”.

Next we move on to piercings! and Once again i’m not implying this to all women, however if she has lip piercings in any of these two places chances are she might could be associating with the word  “Thot”.




Moving on here! Now what Thot would not be complete with out here own dance and yes we all know what that dance is, over any heavy beat base song that comes on no matter where they are at that very moment they just randomly bust out in to a twerk session.




And Finally! the word Thot can probably be associated with these drinks depending on whom you ask.

taste test



And just when you thought you could escape this whole  “Thot” non-sense social media from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook just will not allow that happen





In conclusion I did not write this blog post to offend any female of any race or age, but to simply make a point of the society that we live in, like i said at the beginning of this post you can either agree or disagree

That my Post! Time for me to do my dance out of here

jame brown

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