Life After College…The Struggle is Real

I’m sorry Reader! I’m sorry! my blog post are becoming more rare and rare these days, but when your world consist of going to work coming home to eat and sleep and then returning back to work eventually this routine take its toll on the creative genius of the mind such as mines.

With that said I would like to thank every one whom have continued to support by blog site, I can tell by the traffic (Men lie Women lie Numbers don’t) that more than enough of you have been checking out my past post,  With that said its time to start this post.

The Month of May as come and gone and by now a lot of you have either walked across that graduation stage or know people whom have walked across that graduation stage, for this particular post I’m strickly referring those those people whom have walked across that graduation stage on the college level.

It was the year 2009 and I had finished my 3 1/2 year college bid for a two year community college (yeah they got me for that extra year and change for that finacial aid money) the fun was over and vacation from the real world was done and within a few months of being back home this is how I found my self



Hot, Miserable and agitated! Thats right reader, I fell right into the same trap that all college graduates fall into when college is over and your back home and that trap is called “the struggle” and believe me when I tell you its real and I’m sure that there are many of you that can vouch for this.

but first we have to go to the beginning of how my self as well as many before me found them self’s in this situation, A Few months before finals hit way before the time when you knew that you had to settle things down because graduation was sneaking up to close, we were all having the time of our lives


The Parties, the Bars, what bills? i don’t have no bills to pay is what many of us found our self’s saying from time to time. And then slowly but surely that month of finals creeped up and you Suddenly found your self pulling those all nighters

all nighter  making up those assignments that you missed during the semester as well as extra credit papers and assignments that are only half of your final grade. the pressure is on not just for your self


but those around you as well.

Students study on the fifth floor of the MLK library monday.

So you finally make it through the week of finals no more papers, no more class/group projects and no more assignments, you and your friends start doing the happy dance


Why not right? We made it through 4 or more years of this college thing, no more being broke and having to call home to mom’s and pop’s for money every week. The big day finally comes


You throw your Caps in the air (even when the people tell you not, you do it any way)


Congratulations to the class of (Insert Class here) and its over! back home to the people you know and miss the most friends and family, there’s a big Graduation bash


And then you wake up.

wake up

Its at the moment that you realize “Damn, I gotta get a job now” and this reader is when “The Struggle” starts. You search online every day craigslist, Indeed, moster jobs any job site that comes to mind


your firing off those resumes left and right

job search



Hoping that your resume is the one that gets selected out of only a million other college graduates whom are home doing the same exact thing that you are doing.



Before you know it months have gone by and your still doing the same thing you were doing day in and day out since you came home from college


Thats right! “The struggle” has caught up to you reader, but don’t think this has only happen to you, just as I stated before this has happen to all of us. However with persistence pay off a reward, you finally get that call that you’ve been waiting for and before you know it your sitting inside of some waiting room full of other college graduates, people whom just go laid off from they’re last job as well as people whom have been out of work long than you (The Job market is ugly out here)

job interview


And then you finally hear those magic words “Your Hired!” do the happy dance!!!


Yeah thats right, you’ve went through the storm and survived the “Life after College” Struggle or so you thought you did


Thats My Post! Time for me to do my dance out of here


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And I’m Done!





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