The Death of Urban Genre Books

It was the year 2003 either winter or summer or maybe it might have been spring, which ever season it was at the time. Hip Hop music  hadn’t dipped into its corny stage that its in at this present time, VH1 hadn’t tapped into the reality show game yet and I-Pad? what the hell was a I-Pad?

It was also during this period that the once popular trend of Urban genre books was starting to sweep the scene all across the country, when books such as these

Image Image  Image

Could be found on every street vendors table for the price of $19.99  (cash only!).


I’m talking a time when most people or maybe I should say people of all races couldn’t get enough of these popular urban genre books from writers such as Vickie Stinger, Terri Woods,  Kwan, Omar Tyree as well as any one whom was associated with these people


We’re talking about a time when stopping by the Books store or Vendor in search of the sequel of the book that you just read was in high demand because the original was just that good that you couldn’t wait to get you hands on the second part.

Image Image Image

While in search of that sequel you winded up stumbling across some other books that caught your interest

Image Image Image

Yes Reader! this all really happen and it went on for a long time at least another 4 or 5 years, until something started happening  my self as a writer as well as avid reader of anything that draws interest to my learning intellectual ability started to notice as well as other readers of this one popular fad.

The pool was starting to shrink slowly and slowly before the water started to disappear from this once popular ocean of urban genre , the stories that were once different and unique in they’re own way started to copy each other! from characters, to concepts to plots and in some cases titles and cover designs.

Image Image

Image Image

Image  Image

What was once a great genre filled with great stories, plot lines, sequels and characters that could have been in main stream movies is a shadow of its self. While there may be some good stories sitting on the table of the local street vendor or the shelves of what ever book store might still be around


(Damn even those are starting to disappear) its clear that in the years 2014 this once popular fad has run its course with its readers.

Why you ask reader? Because it took the same route that any other popular trend or fad that has swept the nation or the world from Radio to music to Television……it destroyed its own identity! too many people inside of over crowded pool! (Nice Terminology right?)

Thats my Post! Time for me to do my dance out of here



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