Here we ago again Reader!! that’s right its time for a brand new blog post by yours truly, however before I begin I would like to thank all of my readers as well as my visitors from around the world for viewing my past post and if your new to the site be sure to check out my past post as well as my current post.

With that said its time to start, I was sitting inside of my room recently playing some NBA 2k14 for the Playstation 3 and becoming quite annoyed with the fuckary that the computer was displaying, While listening to my master blaster aka my radio


Tuned into hot 97 or maybe it was Power 105.1? which ever station it was at the time after two hours or so I found my self becoming annoyed for some reason. Not because I was getting my ass handed to me in a video game by a computer but more by the fact that within the past two hours I listened to the same damn songs being played in the same damn order!


” how many times are they gonna play this song?!” I found my self pondering out loud (mind you I was in this room by my self) and so i decided to do what any other person would do and thats switch stations. And would you believe it the same songs were being played on the opposite station as well!


If you as a New Yorker radio listener have ever found your self going through the same thing that I’ve found my self going through then you reader can agree with me when I say the state of New York Radio Sucks!! from Hot97


Which back in the days (damn I hate saying that shit!) used to play so much versatile music from different artist, both old and new and even at times re-introduced us listeners to songs we long forgot about. To Power 105.1 whom original logo when they first launched in August 1997 was fresh as well as brand new and a break from Hot 97,started like this


and over the years have become this


Why? because there’s a ratings competition between the two to capture the ears of its New York listeners as well as listeners whom tune in from around the world on podcast or smart phone and android apps.

Ever since the legendary now defunct Kiss FM went out of business, its sister Station WBLSImage

Has become the new station for old school music (although I must admit that the weekend programming with Chub Rock crew and Doug e Fresh crew are both some good radio shows worth checking out on saturdays) but even listening to WBLS on a regular day, despite the many contest and give away going on for some reason are caught in this same process of playing the same Songs every hour on the hour.

If any one from radio is reading this Blog (and they probably aren’t) you should be aware that we as listeners are fed up with your product! we want our good quality music back!

How many times are we as listeners going to have to sit through the same songs by the same artist every hour on the hour? some of us hear this song Royals so much that we are looking to put this depressed girl in a program of some sort


How many time do we as listener have to listen to Beyonce (calm down Be-Hive people I’m only making a point here) scream her way through this song? Because she’s drunk in love and haven’t figured out that she’s going to have one massive hang over when she wakes up from it?


And Drake? yeah! why buy or download the album when the whole thing (or at least half of it) is being played every hour on the hour! Some of us are even telling people to “Wait! Hold my phone!” for no damn reason whats so ever! (how is that even a catch phrase tho?)


And last but not least, we get it Jay Z doesn’t pop molly he rocks Tom Ford!


Thanks for letting us know that only 50-100 times a day. In Conclusion the current state of New York radio sucks! all that we as listeners ask is for a change up in playlist, format maybe even allow D.J’s to play the B-side to the albums! or in some cases break in a new record once in a while! Is that too much to ask for?

Thats my Post! Time for me to do my dance out of here




  1. Current State Of NYC Radio? hehe this has been the norm for quite sometime, not just nyc, but on a national level aswell. what has happened to mask termed “urban radio” aka black music radio is that it has been fragmented into marginal status and you are seeing as a result of the 2 decades worth of this, u now see the quality of the music being as marginal as it ever has been since the days of recorded music, radio is not a “Broadcast” medium anymore funny the fcc still allows that term to be used stations don’t play to a broadscope aka “broadcast:”, because in reality it has been a “Narrowcast” medium. radio is not about breaking new music, it’s about narrowing down groups to use to sell ads to, and continue to dumb down with mindless boogie fronted off as today’s best boogie..

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