Awards Shows, Do we really care anymore or Nah?!

It is January 2014 and the votes are out already! no I’m not talking about another election I’m talking about awards season! thats right ladies and gentleman awards season is upon us again.

ImageSo let me ask you a question reader? Do we as viewers care about whom wins what awards and for what  award show these days? when every time we turn on the television some celebrity is either having some kind of public melt down or is involved in some kind of f@ckary of a scandal that the media will drag out for months on end until we no longer care?

And the answer is No! well at least that my opinion on the whole topic, However we are living in a day of modern technology and as well as a time where media forces us viewers to pay attention to whom whore what to what award show rather we want to or not.

Image Image

As a Television viewer my self I (and i’m only speaking from my option here) I don’t think i can remember a time when watching awards shows of any sort was of some importance. Wait I’m lying Michael jackson did not perform until 10:45pm on award shows back then.


There were a few time in the 90’s when MTV VMA’s meant something from the guest host every year


to the great and outrageous moments that we would prepare ours self’s to see every year





However after last years MTV VMA’s some of us decided (maybe some before others) that this chapter of the MTV VMA’s might be our last sadly.


Make no mistake about it reader we are in the start of award season from this point on until the month of september. We as television viewers will be treated to every award show possible on this place that we call earth some worse than others, some we wish they would just eliminate already from Movies, sports, day time television, night time Television, Music, Entertainment you name it chances are we are going to entertained by the 2 hour (maybe even longer) of F@ckary award shows.



Like I said this is the start of award season! you’ve been warned Viewer!


Time to do my James Brown dance! and thats my post!

Spread the word to the world!!

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