We all Attended Hillman College, Man!!!!

We’ve all attended Hillman College at some point of our lives right???


Every once in a while a TV show (more notably) a sitcom is introduced onto our televisions and in to our lives and over the course of time we as viewers find our self’s relating to the characters as well as the characters lives. There’s been many shows that have touched its viewers and have left its mark non more notably than classic “Cosby show” sitcom.


However there is one show that will forever be relatable that (in this writers option) comes second to “The Cosby show” status as a classic amongst people of all ages and that show is “A Different World”.


I was having a conversation with a cousin of mines the other day (she knows who she is) and I shocked to discover that “A different world is one of her all time favorite shows just as it is of mines as well as  many other people whom have been watching this show for many years now.  We both came to the conclusion that no matter how old this show is and how many reruns we may have watch                      (you can catch it on TV one at 8am and 5pm monday through fridays) we can never get tired of the show because its content as well as its characters will forever be relatable.

While Some of us former college grads may not have actually attended the real “Hillman College” and no matter how different our experiences may have been one things for sure, we are able to identify with the characters of the show because we have all known these people at some point of our college lives.

We all knew Dwayne Wayne!


The goofey but cool dude! he always had the answers to the quiz’s as well as the test that we had to take, he was also our tutor when we really needed to pass that mid term.

We all knew Ron Johnson!

Image He was the dude whom threw those parties on the weekends, he had you laughing every time you seen him  because he always had a new story to tell,a cool dude to chill with and hang around.

We knew Whitley Gilbert


She could be cool, snobby, out going as well as dramatic all in one, some of us guys even sweated her though out our college years and she never gave any of us play because she knew we were dogs.

We knew Freddie Books!


We used to Smoke some good weed with Freedie! (some of us for the first time!) the hippie chick who was cool, she always had a cigarette in her pocket when you really needed one.

We all knew Kim Reese!

Image she was always about her books and getting out of college on time! she didn’t have time to get caught up in the B.S of college, but she was always cool to be around.

We all knew the R.A’s because they were always everybody’s favorites  R.A’s Walter and Jaleesa

Image Image

they were cool to be around and converse with and they never wrote you up for dumbness like the other R.A’s did, they were there when we were going through our good times and bad times.

We knew Lena James and Gina!

Image  Image

They were our around the way home girls! They were from the same hood as us we all hung out together every day some of us were even in they rooms eating up all they food.

We all knew Mr. Gaines and Colonel Taylor

Image Image

They were the older people whom kept us grounded, they gave us advice as well as life lessons on things that we were either going through at the time or things we would experience after college.

No matter how good or bad of experiences (hopefully more good than bad) that you’ve might have had in college,if you’ve ever watched this show growing up just as my self and my siblings have you can relate to The show “A different world”. We all knew these people we seen them everyday in the dorms, in the halls, the lunch room and class rooms, they made our college experiences and gave us the memories that we would never forget.

Thats my post !!


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