The F@ckary of Job Hunting is Real!!!!!

The Fuckary of job hunting in this day and age is as real as anything you ever wanted to believe!!!

Image I’m sorry reader I just felt like I had to vent a little bit today and here’s why. In one of my past postings I poked fun about the term “New Year New You” and some people got a little offended (I’m not gonna say any names)

Well in this new year of 2014 I feel like its time to better my self as a individual both personally as well as professionally. So I start doing what people whom want to better then selves do and that’s start job searching

Image   However I decided to take the route that I usually take when I’m in search of new employment. I wake up early eat some breakfast  and go through the whole Shit, Shave and Shower routine and I’m out of the door dressed in my business suit

Image   Not exactly the suit it self but I’m sure you get the idea reader. I Jump on the train and head downtown Brooklyn New York to the one place where I know I might at least have some kind of chance of obtaining new employment


Thats right WorkForce1(if your living in New York City while reading this you know how this story goes). I sign in for what ever prescreening might be going on for the particular day and then I have a seat inside of the crowded waiting room


(The waiting room really does resemble the picture at times true story!) after two hours of waiting I’m in and out of the group screening in no time (I will spare you the details of how that procedure went). Next its time to print up my resume for what ever job interview might come my way in the near future.


However if your thinking that I would go out into the city and start filling out applications until my fingers hurt like a normal person might have done lets say around the early 2000’s when job hunting was simple


You my friend are wrong for even thinking such a thing is even possible. Those days of simple job hunting are long gone and here’s why. Pick any name out of the hat of jobs that you might want to pursue, you dress up  in your best business attire


and take a trip to that place and ask if they are hiring and chances are ( all 10/10 of them) they are going to tell you

“yes we are hiring however you have to the website and fill out a application”.


Now here is where the fuckary comes into play, you get home you start getting into your zone and few hours later you find your self in this situation


I have been in this same situation since 2009 when I came home from college. Like I said before reader those days of simple job hunting are long gone, your lucky to even see a manager or someone of some importance within the company that your looking to get hired with. Craigslist,, hot jobs, Monster Jobs (and this is just to name a few) will all have any person seeking employment in a maze that resembles one such as this.


It is the year 2014 and the world as we know it is constantly changing faster than most people can keep up with, it is also a time when the term “its not what you know, but whom you know” rings true for what ever you as a person might try to pursue or achieve out of life.

In the end we are all looking to be that person whom crosses the finish line first for what ever race we may be running against the world rather its personally or professionally.


Thats my post! Spread the world to the World!!!


Until Next Time Reader!!!

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