Having a Baby while on a break?! A new Trend?! You know what Happens in the Winter time right?!

Hello There Reader!! I’m back again like that annoying neighbor from next doorImage

Thats right I’m back to give more of the f@ckary going on in the world, because face it! there’s just too much happening these days not to be talked about.  With that said lets start with this new trend going on in 2014 and trust be reader this will not be last that we hear about this non-sense and its called “Having a baby by some one else while on break from your significant other”.

Thats right having a baby by some one else while you and your significant other are on a “Break” is going to be the newest trend in 2014 rather your a man or a women and whom do we have to thank for this new f@ckary in the world? non other than


Dwayne wade and his Fiance Gabrielle union. For those of you who don’t know (and i don’t see how you can’t know about this unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days) The media and social networks have been set on fire, when it was announced that D-Wade fathered and child with another women while he was “On break” from his fiance.


When the word leaked out about this all or some of us gave the couple the urkel look, why the urkel look you ask? well just a few days before this news was splashed across the screen of every TV, FaceBook, IG, Twitter the couple announced they’re engagement to the world via Twiter, Instagram (man again with this social media thing right?)


Having not been in a relationship in a long time my self, I have no idea what “a Break” mean? however i’m no idiot! when you and your significant other say you are taking “a break” thats usually grounds for ya’ll are breaking up? ya’ll broke up? right? No? Maybe? I’m just as confused as you are right now reader about this whole new term, because I’ve known couple whom have taken “A Break” for years and have never gotten back together!

This is all F@ckary that could be some sort of movie(Somebody please call Tyler perry please!)  Now meet the co-stars of this movie


Thats right it’s been announced that Ludacris the part time rapper (thats right I said part time! because he doesn’t rap anymore he just makes random cameo appearances on tracks) and full time actor has also fathered a child with another women while he and his fiance were also “on break”.


Moving on here! its that time of the season when the weather outside matches exactly the right words used to describe it


Thats right “Brick ass” as some people like to call it. This is when its too cold go out, when you prefer to stay in with you significant other and drink your favorite brown juice


or in some cases your favorite clear juice


Cuddle up because unless you have that project heat going on in your house you need that extra body heat under that comforter. One thing leads to another


And then Summer comes and you are both joining the summer club that everybody else around you are joining some more willing then others


Yeah thats my Post! Spread the Word to the World!


Til Next time!!!

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