Your Only as Old as You Think you are…But Damn I’m getting Old!

Fact! your only as Old as you think you are,


yeah thats probably true but what they don’t tell you is that when you get older your really old. Some people say getting older in life isn’t a curse its a blessing, yeah its also a pain in the ass!

Ever find your self having a conversation with some-one a few age younger than your self and some where in the conversation you find your self saying  “back in days” or “They don’t do that anymore” or  my favorite “They don’t make those anymore”? if you just shook your head in agreement yeah your old.

When you were young,wild and free and not having a care in the world you can’t wait until you got older and be able to part take in activities in life that you wouldn’t be allowed to part take in because of your young age. But then you got older and nothing was the same, we got jobs got some money some of us even got married and had a few kids. Some of us even remember some of our younger relatives being born.

Then you flash forward to todays new age, Where these young relatives that we once remember being so young and little, are Now older, some with kids of they own and then your looking at them saying  “Wait your how old now?! Shit I remember when you was ah baby!” yeah there’s that old feeling again, but then it only gets worse from there, ask your self this question reader, are you able to keep up with todays new lingo that these young kids speak? are you able to get into the music that some of these young kids listen to? do you suddenly get the urge to kick some body’s else young kid ass when you see them having a tantrum in the street while they’re young parents look on confused? yeah your old.

Maybe its just the maturity or the fact of getting older, but when you start using words like “Classics” and “Throwbacks” you really start to feel some kind of way about this whole age and getting older thing (yeahs this is probably just my experience)

it really makes you think  “Damn am I turning into my parents?” “Am I turning into my Aunts and uncles at my older age?” am I really gonna be that old person at the family functions going on and on about shit that the younger generation don’t even want to care about?

What ever the case may be I refuse to accept the fact that the Number in my age will dictate how old I feel,for that I always feel like no matter how old I get I’ll forever be young in spirit!

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