Beyonce throws Fans in a Frenzy!

What started out as a normal cold ass well more like a Brick ass Day in New York, Suddenly turned into a a whirl wind of hysteria on all social media websites, when out of no where and unexpectedly The Artist Known as BeyonceImage

Yeah that Beyonce! pulled a hell of a magic trick on her die hard Bee-Hive fans (I am not a Bee-Hive Fan) by dropping a Surprise album that no one saw coming


Including numerous videos as well. it was like the hand of god made a appearance and everybody seen it, My Instagram Suddenly blew up with pictures like these





Unless your living under a Rock right now, your social media must be also be going crazy with these images


Although I must admit she looks like she was smoking some good weed in these pictures (calm down Bee-Hive I’m just joking)¬†Seeing all of these images I tried to ignore until I came across this shot and read that it was a actual promo shot for the Surprise album


I’m not gonna go all Kevin hart and stuff but she might have won me over with this secret campaign just from this promo pic alone. As of this posting the album has sold 80,000 in one damn day! Rather you like her or not this lady is killing the game!

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