So I’m sitting here watching  This Knick game


And of course they are doing the usual on court non-sense such as throwing up unnecessary 3 pointers, not looking for the open man, not playing defense stop me if you’ve heard this one before


And as I’m watching this game it suddenly came to me that not only are the New York  Knicks stinking it up every time we as New Yorkers  tune in to watch in desperate hope that some how our luck will turn around and they (the Knicks) get back on the ball.

I remind my self that wait a damn minute The Knicks aren’t the only New York Team team stinking it up this year, The Giants are doing the same damn thing only on Sundays


The of course we can’t forget the Jets Whom are sometimes showing some kind of life from time to time depending on if this guy ate his wheaties sunday morning


Wait a minute! do they still make Wheaties?! Moving on here!  We can’t forget about the always in last place can’t never seem to have at least one winning season Mets


I’ve been a Met fan since the 90’s (Don’t judge me) and every summer some of us mets fans look like this after a game, however there is another team


Yeah thats right I’m pointing fingers at ya’ll too! aren’t doing as well as they once were oh and before I forget not that I watch them but since they play in New York we can’t leave them out as well


Yeah the Rangers. Maybe I’m the only person that realizes whats happening or maybe I’m the only one thats saying something, but I am totally convinced  that this season the sports Gods


Are UPSET! with the New York Teams! There’s no explaining how or when it happen, but as a New Yorker and a NewYork Sports fan I have to say IT’S NOT FAIR!!! WE WANT OUR TEAMS BACK!! MAKE IT STOP!!


giants superbowl yankees world series

Ranngers stan

Some of us if not all of us want to see Melo and Them Boys do this


At Least one Time before E.T and Friends Come down to earth and Tear shit up!

We need our parades back like they never ended


Before I close this post I did Not for get about the other New York Team


Lets be For Real now and we all know this, They have a long way to go!

Spread the Word to the World!!

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