Thots , Twerking and Wait she’s a Dancer?? oh you mean she Dances!!!

What the hell is a Thot?! and whom is the person or individuals responsible for this new terminology that’s not even located inside of a webster dictionary? Are you a Thot? Am I a Thot? What Does a Thot look like? is this a Thot?


I’m talking the hair style not the lady! or is this a Thot?!


Come on people I need some answers here to new found mystery.

All I know is that one day I was on My Instagram liking a few explicit pictures from my favorite Instagram models, porn stars, strippers, When Suddenly out of no where I start seeing post such as these pop up





Damn shame they even had to add a few of my Favorite Disney Characters into this nonsense! After viewing these post on my Instagram and then seeing this unfamiliar term continue to pop up on my FaceBook I knew I had to get the answer to this question. It took a while, but i was finally able to get the Answer to this question “What the Hell is a Thot?!” all in thanks to one of my I’ll call him Mr. “too hood for his own good” friends


And he informed me that a Thot believe it or not is actually


Another word for “Hoe”.

I just found it hard to believe that some women would refer to themselves and in some cases they’re friends as Thots or Hoe for that matter


Moving on here. There’s a trend thats been around for a while but only recently has it become a major trend among some women and its called Twerking, and unless you’ve been living under a Rock or inside of a cave for the past few years then you what

Twerking actually is


Thats right a excerise in which women of all age shapes  sizes and forms and colors feel the need to shake they bootie meat to the sound of some hard base beat thats being played and some cases not even being played and boy is this twerking trend every where!


From Cartoons


To main stream media, there is even a Team! thats right I said Team! Peep the twerk Team

twerk team

What is this world Coming to?!

Moving on here! Remember when some females claimed they could dance and usually you gave them the benefit of the doubt because after all everybody can dance kind of? sort of? yeah? anyways Now I’m not saying this replies  to all females because some really do the damn thing for real, how ever for some of the slow absent minded people whom don’t know,when you meet a women in these days and age and she say’s she’s a dancer, you would think she means this

dance 1

Maybe even this

Hip Hop groups strut their stuff

However we are talking about todays day and age (Damn I sound old saying that)

This is what she means when she says she  “Dances”


What? did you think that Benz Coup she pushin is a rental? To Wrap this up we were all warned about this epidemic Some of us seen the signs I know I did!



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2 thoughts on “Thots , Twerking and Wait she’s a Dancer?? oh you mean she Dances!!!

  1. I feel you cousin. These hoes need to be called hoes, not done damn Dr. Seuss wrote. Thots I thought were in the Dr. Seuss book! Crazy! Glad my husband got out of that phase before I met him.

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