I Hated every Job I’ve ever had Since the Age of 18 (Peep my Resume)

I hate every Job i’ve ever had since the age of 18! true story my resume speaks for its self. Over the years I could never figure out why I’ve never been able to get a Good damn job like so many people I know have managed to obtain and some cases have been lucky enough to fall ass backwards into,

When I say good job I mean the type of job where you dress like thisImage

While working in office buildings here


Nope! Not this guy! My Luck has never allowed me this type of job to fall into my lap instead i worked at the following places and please reader save your questions until the end of the post.

Young Dumb and Fresh out of high School Instead of going to college I decided to enter the real world (Lord knows i wasn’t ready to see another class room after 4 years of high school) and after getting turned down numerious times and unsuccessfully gaining employment because of my lack of work experience (mind you i was only 18 at the time!) I started where most people who’ve ever started working, at the very bottom


Thats right Good old McDonalds! infact this is actually the mcDonalds i used to work at located downtown Brooklyn New York. Call it a stepping stone if you want but hey i needed to add something to this blank piece of paper called a resume (we’ve all been there)

I can tell you about the interesting cast of characters that I’ve met everyday, I can also tell you about the messes I used to create at the ice cream machines, all the free food I used to eat  as well as all the creative burgers I used to create while on the grill, the burn marks I used to get from the fry machine, There were even time when I was tempted to spit in the shake mix machine.

When it was all said and done I couldn’t wait to leave this place and 5.75 (minimum wage back then) wasn’t even doing a thing in my pockets after uncle sam came into collect his cut!

After Leaving there I managed to some how find my self in these other places, and when I think about it today I ask my self

“How the hell did I wind up at these places?”


The Old Shea Stadium Now known as the Metlife Stadium. I worked here for a Season, wait not in the actual Stadium but in the parking lot! thats right I said The parking lot!


Yeah I was one of those guys wearing the orange vest with the cap, wool pants and shoes with a short sleeve shirt in the hot ass heat, do you have any idea how hot it gets in  a sports arena parking lot that has absolutely NO SHADE?? I’ll spear you that experience, however aside from the heat and the heavy rain down pours i had to endure there was always money to be made inside of a parking lot,

“Can’t find a space to park? and the game is about start? Sure Let me move this little orange cone here you can park right here sir!”

Can’t even tell you how much money i made that summer doin that and in some cases I even manages to get tickets to some of the games.

When it was all said and done it was time to move on and some how I found my self working here Next


Yup thats right I’ve worked here as well and believe it or not it was actually during this time the Christmas Spectular show, where I had to wear what some of us referred to as the penguin suit


I hated wearing that damn suit! however aside from wearing this ugly ass looking suit I did manage view the show it self


Only over a hundred damn times or so, eventually I started dreaming that I was in the show, talk about a bad nightmare.

Eventually that came to a end and I found my self in the next place that i’ve never expected to work at


Thats right i’ve work there too Loews Movie theater..well when it was called Loews movie then. Located right in the heart of 42nd street EWalk area, I can tell you about the celebrities that i’ve witnessed walk through those doors and even had some interactions with a few of them, lets see there was


I swear I looked at her first before I knew who he was, she was wearing a top just like this! there was also


this guy usher whom created a hysteria among the females when he came to check out a movie on a late friday night, some how security was called yeah I’ll save you the rest, there was also


Busta whom at the time had his dreads decided to smoke a cancer stick inside the bathroom while there for movie premier, there was also


P. Diddy whom looked at me just like this while talking on the phone “Get Back to work!” I mean i staring at this fine ass female serving drinks for his bad boy 2 movie premire that night, she was bad and she winked at me and then this happen.

There was also


Montell Williams whom had his assistant walk up to me to escort him in while I was on my Break..Hello it called a “Break!!”

There were was one more but this one took the cake, in fact it got me sent home early one day


Yeah so what had happen right..lol

Yeah I’ve managed to build up a very interesting resume over the years, but then it just went from bad to worse!


Yeah I did that type flight Security for a minute, Until I smarten up and took my Light Skin ass to college, Where I managed to get a Job of all things


lol yeah I can laugh about it now but back then it kept some money in my pocket during my college days and the money in my

pockets kept me inside of the bars! However after working as a dishwasher at resturant I’ve learned as well as witness a lot of things

one of them is to never send anything back to the kitchen!! I’ve witness some shit I don’t even want to talk about.

Some how in the mix of all of this i managed to get a summer job on a break from school as a



Thats all I’ll say about that!


My struggle job when college was finally over…yeah NEVER AGAIN!

I even managed to work here during the holidays season one time and one time only never again in this life time!


You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve worked a Black Friday at a retail store,Some of you might even agree with this!

And when its all said and done I find my self back to this shit again


However I am a firm believer that everything in life happens or has happen for a reason, I’ve worked a lot of crazy jobs as you tell from this post but i’ve also learned a lot from these jobs as well, one things for sure is that my next job will be my career!!


Image Image


No Matter what I’ve Gone Through, No Matter how many obstacles i have faced and continue to face Some Day Some How Some Way I’m going to Make it!!!

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