Hip Hop Is the New Matrix?????

The World of Hip Hop as we know it is no longer the world of creative and genuine music that it once was known to be, No longer are fashion trends created and no longer are lyrics important in a song like they once were. All of that is gone! Accept it Move on from it The World of Hip Hop is Now The New MatrixImage

If your a Fan of the “Matrix” movies  series then you know that nothing in the matrix is real! its all made up! plain and simple as that.

Its hard to tell exactly when we entered this New strange world it might have been around 2008 when this guy known as Lil Wayne

within the hip hop community aka the new Matrix under went a complete transformationImage

Created ThisImage

And started making music that made everybody Do this


You Like Us! You Like Young Money! You Like Us! You Like Young Money! (Repeat it over and Over!)

Some where under this Hypnosis stage, Some of us actually became hynotized and started listening to dudes like this


That make music that makes dudes do this


It Now called “Emotional Rap” Reader. Now that we are all under Hypnosis and are stuck in this new world call the matrix we as

brain washed hypnotized people start feeding into the fake and f%ckary that are given to us, when a young girl from queens whom

probably can rap (depending on whom to ask) can under go such a transformation


That No one even bothers to notice a thing, Although I my self wonder how much all this transformation Cost her Sponsor???

any body know how many Stacks this might have cost to create such a thing?? any body??

Moving on its also in this new Matrix that a lot of our once favorite Hip Hop artist transforming into people we don’t even recognize

anymore Take this guy for instance


Whom was once a favorite of not only my self but many other hip hop heads, I was there during all three of his first albums even knew what he going through at that time because I myself was going through it as well


I Registered late for College!


I even messed up in college at one point and had to drop out for a semester! (Although I did Go back!)


We even Graduated!!!



And then He just lost it!


He fell to deep into the Matrix!!!


I’ll spare you the rest reader. Moving on it doesn’t stop there even some of our favorite Hip Hop Artist from the Past have even found themselves to be a victim of the Hip Hop Matrix system


What Happend here??? Damn Lil Kim..

She was Good I felt like we was “Gettin money” Together


Some of us couldn’t put the XXL magazine down for a week because of you and that auqua green!!


I could Go on and on Reader but I won’t, However there is one more person thats found his way into this Matrix system, you know something is wrong in the world when this guy


Kendrix Lamar with his master Splinter in the Face looking ass



Starts claiming to Be some Kind of King, Dude! you can keep you kaki pants flannel wearing oakland raider hat wearing ass on the west coast! There’s only one king on New York


Gone in the physical but still here in spirit!

In conclusion Reader I hope that You have found this post to some liking, we are all Stuck in this new Hip Hop Matrix system together! and For those of you that have some how avoided this system, before you contemplate entering choose Very! Very! Wisely!


You’ve been Warned!

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