I’m Soooo Over Social Media

Damn it’s been a Long Time since I’ve made a Blog where I can Express my self verbally! I mean I have the usual Tumblr where people will Reblog the same old image over and over no matter how many times you add New Shit to it.  In some cases you just might get caught up one late night while searching and viewing dumb and some time hilarious Gifs for your own page


Then there’s the highly popular Instagram which is the new social media version of High school


Where you encounter every different types of people on this face of the earth! Rappers, promoters, fake fitness guru’s, Instagram Models (you know the girls whom get so board with they life that they dress up or down and have they little brother, sister or friend take they’re pictures in hopes of getting over a thousand or so likes) all trying to become Instagrarm Famous!

Then there’s Twitter


Lets before Real now! Are ya’ll still begging for Followers?! yeah I thought So If your like me and many other people you’ve probably left The Twitter Universe in hope of something Better to come along and if your like me as well,, Your still waiting!

And Now Last but not least there’s FaceBook


A place once occupied by college kids now completely taken over by everybody and they momma and in some cases ya momma! thats right Facebook is no longer the same friendly site that it once was when you first hit the sign up button.

What was once a friendly environment  of keeping up with old friends is now a battle ground for airing out of Family drama, baby father drama, baby mother drama, I hate my job drama you name it chances are you’ll see it on your Time Line.

At this point I’m ready for some one anyone it hit the Reset button


On this whole Social Media scene that we are all brain washed into using!

In Conclusion This is the first of many interesting blog post set to come from yours truly Hope you all enjoy and before I close this I want to send a shout to my good friend Oscar and his Shaq face Blog for inspiring me relaunch my online verbal rants!! l

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